Carpet Installation Cost

1. How Much Does It Cost to Install My New Carpeting?

For carpet installation cost / manpower cost, there is a minimum charge from $300.00 onward. This will include transportation, minimum 2 to 3 skilled workers at site, carpet tools, heavy duty carpet glue & other carpet accessories.

2. Check below chart for your installation guide price

The above installation pricing is for empty bare flooring unit only. See example photo above.

3. Is there any other hidden cost that I need to know?

YES, do take note any additional work will be charged separately.

  1. Removing existing old carpet before installation
  2. Carpet installation work to start on Sunday / Public Holiday / After Office Hours.
  3. Carpet Installation for staircase.
  4. Carpet design cutting.
  5. Extra manpower for shifting office furniture or any heavy items.

For more information for any hidden cost, do check with your own contractor or you can give us a call at 6261 3383.

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